New ORI Small Grants to aid access to the Materials Research Facility (CART/NFCR)

UNT's Office of Research & Innovation (ORI) is pleased to announce the availability of a new competitive small grant fund from which UNT faculty members can obtain support for users fees.

Faculty members will be able to submit a brief Small Grant proposal to be reviewed by the Materials Research Facility (CART/Nanofabrication Cleanroom) advisory committee who will will decide on allocation of the small fee grants based on the following criteria, in order of priority:

  1. As a match to sponsored project funds used to pay CART/NFCR fees. Priority will be given when a faculty member demonstrably utilizes funds for CART/NFCR fees from a sponsored project, in which case they may be awarded funds to match a portion of those payments.
  2. As a seed for a new sponsored project. If a faculty member demonstrates the likely benefit to a sponsored project to be proposed, identifies the specific funding opportunity, and will submit a proposal within nine months, funds may be awarded for CART/NFCR fees.
  3. As a required element of student research training. If a faculty member demonstrates that CART/NFCR usage is an essential element in the required research for a student to obtain their degree, an award of CART/NFCR user fees may be made.