FEI Nova NanoSEM 230

The FEI Nova NanoSEM 230 was installed in December 2009.

The system is equipped with an EDAX Apollo X silicon drift detector energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) system.

The instrument is also outfitted with an electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) system, which allows for crystallographic determination on the nanoscale, and, along with imaging capabilities, 3-D reconstructions of the material and crystallography.


Instrument Specifications

Electron Optics

• High resolution field emission-SEM column, with:
–– monopole magnetic immersion final lens
–– through-the-lens differential pumping
–– high stability Schottky field emission gun

• Resolution @ optimum WD (high vacuum)
–– 1.0 nm at 15 kV (TLD-SE)
–– 1.6 nm at 1 kV (TLD-SE)

• Beam landing energy: 50 V - 30 kV

• Probe current: 0.6 pA - 100 nA continuously adjustable


• In-lens SE detector (TLD-SE)
• In-lens BSE detector (TLD-BSE)
• Everhardt-Thornley SED
• Low vacuum SED (LVD)
• TV-rate solid-state BSED
• TV-rate low vacuum solid-state BSED (GAD)

Equipped with:

• EDAX Apollo X Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), Genesis software

• TSL Digiview III Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) detector, OIM™ software