FEI Quanta 200 ESEM

The Electron Microscopy Laboratory recently acquired a unique scanning electron microscope (SEM) for characterization. The FEI Quanta ESEM is capable of running at low vacuum, thus reducing charging on insulating samples and allowing imaging without applying a conductive coating.

The W filament allows for a resolution of 3 nm in high vacuum or low vacuum. Water introduction and a Peltier cooling stage allows for liquid water to be present in the samples, or liquid water to be deposited on the sample surface for high resolution contact angle measurements.

The system is also configured with an EDAX EDS system for element and phase identification at high pressures.

Finally, the system can be configured with a 1000°C hot stage or a 1500°C hot stage, allowing for characterization at 10nm resolution and high temperatures without requiring a conductive sample or coating.


Instrument Specifications


  • High-vacuum
    • 3.0nm at 30kV (SE)
    • 4.0nm at 30kV (BSE)
    • 10nm at 3kV (SE)
  • Low-vacuum
    • 3.0nm at 30kV (SE)
    • 4.0nm at 30kV (BSE)
    • < 12nm at 3kV (SE)
  • Extended vacuum mode (ESEM)
    • 3.0nm at 30kV (SE)
  • Accelerating voltage: 200V – 30kV
  • Probe current: up to 2μA – Continuously adjustable


  • 284mm left to right
  • 10mm analytical WD
  • EDX take-off angle: 35°

4-Axis Motorized Stage

  • Eucentric goniometer stage
  • X,Y = 50mm
  • Z = 50mm (25mm motorised)
  • T = -15° to +75° (manual)
  • R = 360° continuous
  • Repeatability: 2μm


  • Everhardt-Thornley SED
  • Low-vacuum SED (LFD)
  • Gaseous SED (GSED)
  • Solid-state BSED

Equipped with

  • EDAX Element SDD, 25mm2 Si3N4 window, TEAM software
  • SW controlled Peltier cooled specimen stage (-18 to 90°C)
  • SW controlled 1000°C heating stage
  • TSL Digiview III Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) detector, OIM™ software [Currently Unavailable]
  • SW controlled 1500°C heating stage [Currently Unavailable]

Chamber Vacuum

  • High-vacuum: < 6e-4 Pa
  • Low-vacuum: 10 to 130 Pa
  • ESEM-vacuum: 10 to 2600 Pa