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Internal Users - UNT faculty, staff and students:

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  • Multidimensional Characterization Lab
    • Basic Equipment: including the FEI Quanta ESEM, Nikon Optical Microscope, Rigaku XRD, Scanning Probe Microscope, and VASE Ellipsometer.  
    • Advanced Equipment: including the Cameca LEAP 5000XS Atom Probe, FEI Nova 230 NanoSEM, FEI Nova 200 FIB/SEM, FEI Tecnai G2 F20 HRTEM, and PHI Versaprobe II XPS.
      • Independent Access to Advanced Equipment is available to Graduate Students, Postdocs, Staff, Faculty and External Users.
      • For Training/Access to Advanced Equipment please contact MRF staff directly to arrange a consultation.
  • Cleanroom Equipment Training Request Form

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Outside UNT Users ─ including university, government, and commercial users:

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Internal, External Non-Profit and Commercial Users:

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