Becoming a User


Instrumentation Access and Obtaining Research Results


Several options are available to UNT faculty, staff and students if they would like to gain access to MRF instrumentation.   MRF staff can assist you in determining what option and technique(s) best serve you in obtaining the research result you seek.

Option I. Independent Instrument Access (limited only to Basic Equipment)

Obtaining independent access to instrumentation that you are interested in using is possible in a few ways.    

  1. Request training and certification for independent usage of instrumentation
    1. Basic Equipment: including the FEI Quanta ESEM, Nikon Optical Microscope, Rigaku XRD, Scanning Probe Microscope, and VASE Ellipsometer.  
    2. Advanced Equipment: including the Cameca LEAP 5000XS Atom Probe, FEI Nova 230 NanoSEM, FEI Nova 200 FIB/SEM, FEI Tecnai G2 F20 HRTEM, and PHI Versaprobe II XPS.
      • Need for independent access to the Advanced Equipment will only be considered on a case by case basis. Individual training on Advanced Equipment will no longer be provided on a regular basis.
      • Independent Access to Advanced Equipment is available to UNT Graduate Students, Postdocs, Staff, Faculty and External Users.
      • For Training/Access to Advanced Equipment please contact MRF staff directly to arrange a consultation.
  2. Demonstrate basic knowledge and applications of the technique.
    1. Enroll in a class and laboratory covering the appropriate technique.
    2. Independently study the theory and methodology of the technique using suggested texts, articles and online resources.
    3. Have extensive previous experience with this equipment or similar equipment.
  3. Become familiar with safe operation of the equipment
    1. Observing and operating the equipment under the guidance of approved users
    2. Operating the equipment under the guidance of the equipment administrator
  4. Successfully demonstrate safe equipment operation procedures to the manager of the equipment.

Option II. Collaborative Instrument Access

Collaborating within your research group and/or with other research groups that are already well experienced in the technique(s) that you are interested in using.   MRF staff can assist you in determining what technique(s) best serve you in obtaining the research result you seek.

Option III. MRF Staff Service Assistance Instrument Access
If you only need to collect from a small number of samples MRF staff can provide direct access to MRF instrumentation by operating and analyzing sour samples for you.   If you are interested in MRF staff directly collecting data for you please complete an MRF Sample Analysis Request form or contact David Jaeger to discuss options.   MRF staff can assist you in determining what technique(s) best serve you in obtaining the research result you seek.


Outside UNT Users ─ including university, government and commercial users:

MRF can offer external customers a Laboratory Facilities and Equipment Use Agreement, for external users who would like to use MRF facilities, and a Testing and Analysis Agreement, for external customers who wish to have MRF staff use MRF tools to analyze and/or test samples.

We will work with you and the Office of Grants & Contracts Administration at UNT to initiate the necessary documentation for any of these agreements. Include specific information about specimens by filling out a MRF Sample Analysis Request Form and other needs such as Nondisclosure/Confidentiality Agreements. This will expedite the process.


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