MRF News & Events

New ORI Small Grants to aid access to the Materials Research Facility (CART/NFCR)

UNT's Office of Research & Innovation (ORI) is pleased to announce the availability of a new competitive small grant fund from which UNT faculty members can obtain support for users fees.

Faculty members will be able to submit a brief Small Grant proposal to be reviewed by the Materials Research Facility (CART/Nanofabrication Cleanroom) advisory committee who will will decide on allocation of the small fee grants based on the following criteria, in order of priority:

  1. As a match to sponsored project funds used to pay CART/NFCR fees. Priority will be given when a faculty member demonstrably utilizes funds for CART/NFCR fees from a sponsored project, in which case they may be awarded funds to match a portion of those payments.
  2. As a seed for a new sponsored project. If a faculty member demonstrates the likely benefit to a sponsored project to be proposed, identifies the specific funding opportunity, and will submit a proposal within nine months, funds may be awarded for CART/NFCR fees.
  3. As a required element of student research training. If a faculty member demonstrates that CART/NFCR usage is an essential element in the required research for a student to obtain their degree, an award of CART/NFCR user fees may be made.


Completion of the CART Lab Renovation

CART is pleased to announce the completion of its renovation in August 2013. The modernized facility is an open access ‘one stop shop’ for novel research and training activities.

Key areas of renovation include

  1. the consolidation of instruments into one location to enhance collaborations and the efficiency of research,
  2. the addition of an adjacent clean room and technology incubator to facilitate the seamless and contiguous flow of samples and devices — from synthesis/processing labs to characterization/analysis equipment,
  3. real-time visualization of the samples being characterized, with high-speed remote access of these instruments so that research can be conducted with external collaborators located off site,
  4. increased visibility of research via glass wall enclosures so that the general public, students, school groups and other guests can view research activities, with the additional ability to transmit these activities to classrooms and museums to enhance educational outreach.

The integration of CART with the clean room and technology incubator is now able to bring new opportunities for faculty researchers and students as well as collaborators in industries and other institutions.


UNT to build advanced materials analysis lab

The University of North Texas will build one of the most advanced materials analysis laboratories at any university when it begins construction of its new Nanofabrication Analysis and Research Facility in November at UNT's Discovery Park.



New instruments installed in the Center for Advanced Research and Technology at UNT

Two new instruments were recently installed in the Center for Advanced Research and Technology (CART) at the University of North Texas. A Scanning Auger Nanoprobe and a VersaProbe™ Scanning XPS Microprobe, both from Physical Electronics Inc., were installed at the Discovery Park facility in March 2008 and are now in operation.