PHI 5000 Versaprobe Scanning XPS Microprobe

A VersaProbe™ Scanning XPS Microprobe was purchased from Physical Electronics in February of 2008. The Versa Probe can be used to analyze the chemical bond states as well as the quantitative composition of a variety of materials including metals, ceramics and polymers.

This highly automated XPS instrument uses a high flux X-ray source providing a highly focused monochromatic X-ray beam, (10µm to 200µm) that can be scanned upon the sample surface. The high resolution 180 degree spherical capacitor energy analyzer provides full- featured XPS analysis capability including XPS spectral, map, depth profile, line scan, and angle resolved analyses. An ultraviolet source may also be used for Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy (UPS).

A 100V to 5kV differentially pumped Argon ion gun with regulated leak valve is available for specimen cleaning and sputter depth profiling with monolayer resolution.

The system has a dual-beam charge compensation system that utilizes both a cool-cathode electron flood source and the very-low-energy ion capability of the Argon ion sputter gun to provide neutralization for all sample types.

Instrument Specifications

  • High flux X-ray source with Aluminum anode for X-ray generation, and quartz crystal monochromator to focus and scan beam on sample.


XPS Elemental Sensitivity and Energy Resolution (fine grained Ag)

Beam size
≥ 15kcps
≤20.0 um
≥ 45kcps
≤20.0 um
≥ 60kcps
≤20.0 um
≥ 1Mcps
large area

X-ray Beam Size (300 Line-per-Inch Cu grid)

  • ≤10.0 um @ 1.25 watts
  • ≤20.0 um @ 4.50 watts


  • System vacuum ≤ 6.7 x10-8 pa (5 x 10-10 Torr)
  • XPS energy resolution on Ag for energy range 372 eV to 365 eV FWHM ≤ 0.50 eV for Ag3d 5/2 peak
  • XPS energy resolution on PET (polyethylene terephthalate) for energy range 300eV to 280 eV, FWHM ≤ 0.85 eV for the O=C-O peak in carbon 1s spectrum


  • A 100 V to 5kV differentially pumped Argon ion gun
  • Dual beam charge compensation system—cool cathode electron flood source and low energy ion argon sputter gun
  • Five axis motorized stage with X and Y translation of ± 25 mm with compucentric rotation. Z translation of 20mm and tilt of 0 to 90 degree
  • 16 channel detector system
  • Ultraviolet source - can produce He I or He II excitation


  • PC-SUMMITT™ for automated digital control of the electronics
  • PHI MultiPak™ advanced data manipulation software