PHI 670xi Scanning Auger Nanoprobe


A Model 670xi Scanning Auger Nanoprobe was purchased from Physical Electronics in February of 2008.

The Model 670xi Scanning Auger has full analytical capability including secondary electron imaging, multiple Auger point, line and area analyses, Auger imaging, depth-compositional analysis, backscattered electron imaging and automated multi-location analysis.

The system uses a coaxial cylindrical mirror analyzer to minimize analytical shadowing and maximize sensitivity. The differentially pumped Schottky field emission electron gun provides high spatial resolution and an analysis energy range from 1-25keV. A 5 kV differentially pumped Argon ion gun with regulated leak valve is available for specimen cleaning depth profiling, and neutralization.

The system was retired from service in December 2021.


Instrument Specifications

  • Schottky field emission electron gun

Electron Gun Specifications

SEM line scan resolution
Measurement Beam spot size
3kV / 1nA ≤70nm
5kV / 1nA ≤50nm
10kV / 1nA ≤25nm
10kV / 10nA ≤45nm
20kV / 1nA ≤15nm
SEM Dark Space Resolution for gold on carbon @200kx ≤10 nm
SEM magnification on 1500LPI grid in x and y = 16.9±0.3 um


  • Vacuum Specifications (UVH) main chamber ≤ 5 x 10-10 Torr
  • 5kV differentially pumped Argon ion gun
  • Low energy ion flood for use
    in neutralization
  • Fully motorized computer driven five axis specimen stage
  • Compucentric Zalar Rotation for depth profiles
  • Sample parking attachment holds 6 samples
  • MultiChannel detector system

Cylindrical Mirror Analyzer (CMA)

  • Signal to noise @ 10kV/10nA on copper ≥550:1
  • Sensitivity @ 10kV / 10nA on copper ≥500 Kcps
  • Elastic Peak resolution @1kV/ .5nA for Survey 950 – 1050 eV
  • FWHM of elastic peak ≤ 0.6%


  • SmartSoft
  • PHI MultiPak™ advanced data manipulation software