Skyscan 1172 High Resolution m-CT


The SkyScan 1172 scanner achieves high spatial resolution with samples up to 50 mm in size. Fast scan and reconstruction throughput is supported by a computer cluster, which reconstructs scan datasets in less time than the scan duration in most cases, using several PCs in parallel. Cross section images are generated in a wide range of formats up to 8k x 8k pixels.

The system was retired from service in January 2021.




Instrument Specifications


  • X-ray source ................ 20-100kV,10W,<5µm spot size
  • X-ray detector ..............11Mp, 12-bit cooled CCD fiber-optically coupled to scintillator
  • Maximum object size... 27mm in diameter(single scan) or 50mm in diameter (offset scan)
  • Detail detectability ...... <0.8µm at highest resolution
  • Reconstruction ............ cluster volumetric reconstruction



  • micropositioning
  • heating
    • 80°C
  • cooling
    • 35°C below ambient
    • 0.5°C accuracy
  • compression/tension
    • Load range: 210N
    • Displacement sensor accuracy: ± 0.01mm
    • Load measurement accuracy: ± 1% of the full range
    • Maximum object diameter : 20mm
    • Maximum travel: 5.5mm
    • Max object height for compression: 23mm
    • Max object length for tensile tests: 18mm