Thermo Nicolet 6700 FTIR Spectrometer

A Nicolet 6700 spectrometer from Thermo Electron was purchased in 2007. The high performance spectrometer has the power to handle the most advanced research level experiments as well as routine analyses.

The Vectra aluminum interferometer has 0.09cm-1 resolution with continuous dynamic alignment and auto-tune function. The hardware is configured with detectors and beam splitters for mid-IR (7800-350cm-1) and far-IR (700-50cm-1) spectral ranges. The system optics are pinned in place and include monolithic diamond-turned mirrors and permanent alignment. The Smart Orbit is an ATR (Attenuated Total Reflection) accessory for fast analyses of solids, liquids, and powders. The Harrick VariGATR (Grazing Angle -ATR) is an accessory for analyzing coatings or films on flat substrates such as silicon wafers or polished metal. The attached Continuum Infrared Microscope is configured for reflectance and transmission modes. The infinity corrected optics on the microscope provide the highest quality IR and visible-light rendition.

The OMNIC Professional 7 software package has data manipulation with advanced ATR correction, a spectral interpretation guide, quantitative analyses tool, and Microview Video microscopy software.

Instrument Specifications

  • Peak-to-noise (1 minute scan)
    < 8.68 x 10-6 AU(50,000:1)
  • RMS noise (1 minute scan)
    < 1.95 x 10-6 AU
  • Slowest linear scan velocity .158cm/sec
  • Fastest linear scan velocity 6.33cm/sec
  • Number of scan velocities 15
  • Turbo mode @3000cm-1 25% throughput increase
  • ETC EverGlo source 0.09cm-1 resolution (9600-20cm-1)
  • DLaTGS w/KBr window(12,500-350cm-1)
  • DLaTGS with polyethylene window(700-50cm-1)
  • MCT –A (11,700-600cm-1)


  • OMNIC™ Professional 7 with advanced ATR correction
  • Search libraries
  • spectral interpretation guide
  • TQ Analyst EZ addition
  • Microview Video Microscopy

SMART Beamsplitters

  • Ge-on KBr Beamsplitter (7800-350cm-1)
  • Solid substrate Beamsplitter (700-50cm-1)