News Updates

New Laurell chemcial processing stations are online!

Developing and Etching processes for 4"-5" Photomask Lift Off process for 3"-4" Wafers

New Trovato Organic Depositon...

For OLED fabrication

  • Fully Automated Vacuum and Process Control
  • 4 Material Co-Deposition
  • Proprietary Ultra-High Resolution QCM Monitoring
  • PC Based Multi-Layer Thin-Film Process Control
  • 12 Evaporative Sources
  • Multiple Substrate, In-Process Mask Changing
  • Cryogenic Pumping - 12 Minutes to Process Pressure
  • Integrated Glove Box System <1PPM -H2O, O2
  • Vacuum Antechamber for Glovebox
  • Compact Footprint - 114" Wide x 36" Deep x 76" High
  • Optional Integrated Spin Coater, UV Ozone, Encapsulation